The Life Team of Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church exists to help equip the church to be Gospel-driven champions of life.

Do you know someone in an unplanned pregnancy?

Our team “CHAMPIONS OF LIFE” is trained, ready and willing to offer compassion, hope, and help to those facing an unsupported pregnancy. We are available to come alongside anyone in our church or community and to refer them to vital, helpful resources.

No one needs to make these decisions alone!

If you or someone you know would benefit from being connected to loving, gospel inspired support or would like to know more, please contact “CHAMPIONS OF LIFE” team leader Amy Scherschligt at (916)952-8222 or

For more information: or or 877-791-5475
(Not necessary to be a Christian)

We are Rescued Rescuers!

The gospel is the greatest rescue story every told. We believe the gospel, sing about it, teach it and out of gratitude, we live it. Christians are “rescued rescuers.” We do this by:

  • steeping ourselves in the gospel
  • integrating life issues into the church’s ministries and outreach
  • serving the church by engaging, encouraging and equipping.

“We take care to walk daily with Christ. We enjoy Jesus and let His heart beat in and through us as we look to the welfare of all those in the life arena: human embryos, unborn babies, orphans, those at end of life and anyone else who is imperiled and unable to defend themselves.”

—Pastor Doug Merkey, CEO and President of Churches For Life

In the fall of 2016 our team of ten women participated in ministry training through Churches For Life, led by Pastor Doug Merkey. We are excited to serve FOPC and to enjoy and express the gospel to its fullest extent.

If you are interested in joining us, please come observe one of our monthly meetings. Contact Amy Scherschligt, Team Leader at (916)952-8222 or

We invite you to join the prayer team for Champions of Life. To receive monthly prayer requests, please contact Amy Scherschligt.

Our Life Team is the Pacific Area chapter of Presbyterians Pro-Life.
Please visit and subscribe to their newsletter.