Part of being Presbyterian means our pastors, directors, and staff work collaboratively with the Session of the church.  Session is a group of elders who serve as the organization’s governing body. Here, then, is one of the first and perhaps most obvious ways that Presbyterian structure differs from, say, a church that is congregational in its governance: In our polity, the congregation elects godly men and women to watch over the affairs of the church in a way that is compatible with Scripture, the witness and work of the Holy Spirit, and what the Church universal has believed at all times and in all places.  Follow this link to view an organizational chart of the church and Board of Elders.


Did you know that the word for “deacon” in the original language is translated “servant”? That’s what deacons do: they serve. Deacons at Fair Oaks are men and women elected by the membership of the church – and they serve wonderfully well. According to their mission statement, a main goal of the Deacons is to “provide leadership and service to the body of Christ and the local community.”

Our deacons accomplish this mission through all kinds of committees and terrific service organizations such as the Deacons’ Fund, transportation to Sunday services, parking lot assistance, indispensable help with funerals and memorial services, and preparation of the Lord’s Supper.