Everyone is invited to attend our Sunday services where we gather to worship and celebrate the life-giving message of Jesus! While the venue spaces and music styles differ between the Classic and Contemporary services, both are centered on the same, Bible-based teaching that applies to your everyday life. Our goal is to connect you with God through worship, prayer and the study of the Bible.

Classic Service
9 AM in the Worship Center, 10:30 AM in the Chapel

Contemporary Service
9 AM & 10:30 AM in the Family Life Center

8.19 | It’s Your Serve
Why serve on a team? Because it’s a win-win for our church and for you! Discover how Christ modeled service in attitude and action and how you are designed to serve too. We encourage you to find connection, Christ-like character and fulfillment when you find your spot serving on one of our teams!

8/26 | Conflict-Resolution
Studying Matthew 18:15-20, we will learn what the Biblical approach is to conflict and the path to resolving issues as brothers and sisters in Christ.

9.2 | Centrifugal Faith
Fair Oaks Church is a growing church. Growing churches desperately need to be maturing churches. Jesus shares one of the secrets to how that happens. Hebrews 5:12, John 17: 20-23.

9.9 | Guest Speaker Howard McMahon I

9.16 & 23 | CommUNITY