Best. Sermon. Ever.

In the Sermon on the Mount recorded by Matthew [Matthew 5-7] Jesus preaches the greatest sermon ever preached about a life live squarely with him in the Kingdom of God. While his teaching appears to turn our world, and worldview upside down, in the end we find that we have been looking upside down at things all along. Jesus offers us a vision of life from the very heart of the God who created it, that is actually right side up. Join us as we dive into this series and learn about life as it meant to be lived from Jesus himself in the Sermon on Mount.

Classic Service
9 AM in the Worship Center, 10:30 AM in the Chapel

Contemporary Service
9 AM & 10:30 AM in the Family Life Center

  • Sept 30: The Best. Sermon. Ever., Matthew 5, 6, 7, Digging Deeper
  • Oct 7: The Good Life, Matthew 5.1-20, Digging Deeper
  • Oct 14: The Good Person, Matthew 5.21-48, Digging Deeper
  • Oct 21: Best Practices: Generosity, Fasting, Prayer, Matthew 6.1-18, 7.7-12, Digging Deeper
  • Oct 28: Matthew 6.19-34
  • Nov 4: Matthew 7.1-6, 13-29