Corinth is beautiful this time of year! In the 1st Century the Apostle Paul spent at least one summer there in the Greek coastal town making disciples of Jesus and building Jesus’s Church in that city. In his letter 1 Corinthians Paul writes to the church in Corinth to address issues they struggled with including immorality, division in the church, unity, worship, love, and how the Gospel of Jesus and his resurrection changes everything. Let’s learn from Paul and the church then how to be the church now.

Come spend a summer with us in Corinth!
Sundays at 9 & 10:30am

Groups are on a break for the summer!

If you are continuing to meet as a group, we suggest taking this time and having a BBQ, going out to eat, or otherwise doing life together.

This time is meant to be a rest for our group leaders. Whether your group is meeting or taking a break, we suggest praying for one another and checking in on a weekly basis!

Thanks for being a part of groups! See you in September!