New Kids and Youth Center

Thank you church family!

g2g2We made a bold decision to invest in our new Kids and Youth Center — an $8-million commitment. For over a decade we had dreamed and prayed for a facility like this. Well…welcome to the future!

Already our kids are enjoying their new Ministry Center. Already new families are arriving, drawn by a church intentionally directing its resources to the next generation.

The new KAY Center is a reality! Now let’s finish the project and pay off the remaining debt! That’s what the G2G2 campaign is about.

— Pastor Kirk and Laila Bottomly

Here’s the plan…

The goal is to pay off our $4.5 million mortgage in three years and be debt-free.

  • We need many of you to keep doing generously what you’ve already been doing—and continue giving as you did for our first campaign.
  • And others, it’s time to join the campaign and do your part—including new folks and young families whose kids are directly benefitting from this building and its ministries.
    We’re aiming for $1.61 million in pledges each year for the next three years.

The future has arrived!

The building is built.
The blessings are flowing.
The kids are learning and growing.
Faith in Jesus is being handed off to our next generation.

let’s finish the work, pay off the debt, and give us the
financial freedom for future ministry and mission!


Time-lapse Construction Videos