37th Annual General Assembly

Generation to Generation

From generation to generation we will proclaim your praise.
Psalm 79:13

June 20–23

Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church
Fair Oaks, California

It’s way more than a business meeting. It’s a worship event, prayer meeting, ministry workshop and teaching seminar. It’s a thousand leaders from our denomination gathered for a homecoming and reunion!

How can I serve?
We have opportunities for all levels of physical ability:

Food service

  • Table hosting
  • Cleanup
  • Food stocking


  • Information Booths
  • Greeting!
  • Ushering
  • Room hosts for networking lunches and meetings
  • Hotel hosts and liaisons


  • Setup
  • Cleanup
  • Traffic control


  • Van drivers
  • Transportation center

In partnership with:
Centerpoint Community Church, Roseville
Fremont Presbyterian Church, Sacramento
Hope Presbyterian Church, Folsom
Sierra Presbyterian Church, Nevada City