We are all about irrational generosity!

It’s not all about money…

  • It’s about heart change as we deepen our faith.
  • It’s about watching with awe at lives being transformed.
  • It’s about surrendering our lives…even the scary parts.

Part of maturing as disciples of Christ means becoming aware that everything in life is a gift from God. We want to be responsible stewards of the resources God has given us and to be irrationally generous with everything we have.

For God so loved the world he gave” (John 3:16). We want to give generously too!

Four easy ways to give:

  1. Online via the “Donate” button below. Includes the option to setup reoccurring giving.
  2. Mobile App via the SecureGive App (iPhone & Android).
  3. Electronic Giving directly from your checking or savings account. (Form)
  4. Check/cash.

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