Sherry Brockmyer

Administrative Assistant Congregational Care

The Congregation Care Department is always humming with activity. Sherry assists Pastor Cliff in making memorial and funeral arrangements and coordinates these events with our Deacons. She screens calls and handles requests for Pastor Cliff, then directs callers to those who can answer their questions. Sherry also maintains membership rolls, baptismal records, processes Deacons In-Touch calling, and attendance records. Along with Pastor Cliff, she maintains prayer lists for the Elder’s bi-weekly prayer meetings so that they are kept current with the ongoing prayer requests of members. These and many secretarial duties keep her busy throughout the week.

Favorite Part of Working at FOPC

Working in Congregational Care opens the way to share Christ's compassion with members of F0PC. Every day brings new challenges and opportunities to come alongside our people. I count it a privilege to be used this way in the ministry of our Church.