Find an opportunity... Get plugged in

Thank you for your interest in sharing your gifts as a volunteer at FOPC. There are plenty of opportunities to get plugged in. Whether you want to be on stage or behind the scenes, we can help you find the best place to serve. We want to help you grow in your relationship with God and others by using your skills while serving in an area where you are doing something that you absolutely enjoy. See below for a brief description of some of the ministry opportunities at FOPC.

Sunday Mornings

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Homeless Ministry: Winter Guest House

February 18-25, 2018

We have had a wonderful week serving together and offering love to people in our community who don’t always experience the love of God’s people in their daily encounters. We offer them a dry, warm place to sleep and wonderful food to eat as well as the company of our church family.

Service Opportunities include:

  • Food Prep/Cooking Team (typically 4:30-7:00)
    Prepare dinner—may help serve.
  • Set-Up/Serving/Socialization Team (Typically 5:30-8:00; or 6:30-9:00)
    Help set up the room, collect laundry, help guests get situated, serve dinner where needed, eat with guests, play games, socialize.
  • Laundry Team
    Take guests clothes to laundromat. Wash/dry/fold clothes and return to guests—funds for this are provided.
  • Evening Shift (8:30-1:45)
    Socialize and help guests if needed (locate bathrooms, get food or drink). Lights out at 10 PM.
  • Late Night Shift (1:30-6:30)
    Make coffee, help guests if needed (locate bathroom, get food or drink), and pack breakfast/lunch.
  • Cleanup Team (6:30-7:30 AM)
    Clean up the rooms and prepare for the next evening. Tidy bathrooms, sweep, vacuum, and take out trash.

Kids Ministry

FOPC Kids Ministry is nearly entirely volunteer driven, and we are always looking for people who have a passion for sharing Christ’s love with kids. For volunteer opportunities, please contact Megan Brady (

Youth Ministry

To view job descriptions and requirements click on the links below:

Please contact Chris Eatough ( for current service opportunities in FOPC Youth.

Worship & Creative Arts

Whether you want to sing in the Worship Choir, play in the Contemporary Worship Band, share you skills as part of the Orchestra, or act in the next stage production there is a place for you to volunteer in Worship & Creative Arts. Rehearsals are Thursday nights (Orchestra at 6 PM and Choir at 7 PM). For more information on the Contemporary service please contact Howard McMahon (, the Director of Worship & Music. For more information on the Classic service please contact Eric Rainwater (, the Classic Service Worship Leader.

Technical Arts

Love working with technology and gear?  Want to help run the sound booth on Sundays or edit video?  If so, please contact Greg Culler ( the Director of Media Technologies for specific opportunities.

Upward Basketball

To view job descriptions and requirements click on the links below:

For more info, contact Ken Friedman, 916-838-6577 or